Steam Cleaners

While actual STEAM CLEANERS are rare in these times, they are available and we have seen and repaired a few.

The term STEAM CLEANER is often used even though the product in question is a PRESSURE WASHER.

A STEAM CLEANER relies on the development of steam to create pressure (usually around 300 to 500 PSI) and the unit will have a very low flow rate-usually around 1.0 to 2.5 GPM. Because of the low flow rate there is less water clean-up with a true STEAM CLEANER and because of the high temperature created by steam-up to 350°, a true STEAM CLEANER can be used to sterilize. In the case of engine degreasing, a steam cleaner can clean all grease, oil, etc. from the engine. Due to the time needed however, most people prefer a pressure washer.

As an example, if a steam cleaner takes 20-30 minutes to clean an engine; the same engine can be cleaned with a pressure washer (depending on its pressure and volume rating) in 2-5 minutes. It will not be quite as clean as with the STEAM CLEANER, but it will be 95-97% as clean in one tenth of the time and time is money.

If you have a true steam cleaner, we can and will service it! If you want a true STEAM CLEANER, we can find one for you!