Mobile Wash Skids

Mobile Wash Skids

SS  Steam/Hot/Cold Water Diesel Heated – 12v Burner, Gas Engine 

The Hydro Tek SS Series offers versatile portability and high cleaning power when electricity is not available. Its compact size allows passage through most commercial doorways, increasing your mobility and cleaning options. The 12v burner system gives you continuous hot water at up to 250° F, allowing you to conquer the toughest cleaning jobs. The SS Series features stainless steel panels, powder coated Pro-Tect-It frame, and heavy duty components to provide years of every day use and is suitable for a variety of mounting options: on a trailer, tank skid, wheels, in a truck, or as a stationary skid.

SC  Steam/Hot/Cold Water Diesel Heated – 115v Burner, Gas Engine

The heavy duty Hydro Tek SC Series skid has been the proven choice of cleaning professionals for more than 25 years because of its low maintenance requirements and reliability. This self-contained mobile wash skid is equipped with an on-board 115v generator for the convenience of running Hydro Vacuum® wash water recycling accessories while on a remote job site. The SC Series features stainless steel panels, double wall stainless insulated heat exchanger, and a rugged powder coated Pro-Tect-It frame for mounting in a pick-up, van, on wheels, or on a trailer.
Hydro Tek SC Series

SCX  Steam/Hot/Cold Water, Diesel Heated – 12v Burner, Diesel Engine

The Hydro Tek SCX Series wash skid has extra features, heavy duty components, and is designed for the extreme duty user.  With a large, open design frame, you will have extra fuel capacity, integrated lifting/ tie down points, and four-way forklift access. High efficiency, 12v burner systems and large heating coils supply hot water up to 250° F for effective grease and grime removal. The large, extreme duty diesel engines paired with heavy duty pumps are a proven choice where dependability and running multiple shifts are required.
Hydro Tek SCX Series

CPX  Cold Water, Diesel Engine

CPS  Cold Water, Gas Engine

ProTowWash  Mobile Water Tank Trailer

Add a Hydro Tek wash skid & trailer accessories

The Hydro Tek ProTowWash Trailer Series is designed with many options to meet the needs of the mobile cleaning user. This single or tandem axle trailer with smooth ride torsion suspension allows you to choose between 200 to 540 gallon water capacities and is designed to match to your Hydro Tek washer perfectly. The compact trailer is easy to maneuver, carries large water volume for working in a variety of areas without having to hunt for a water supply, and at the end of the day simply unhook to free up your tow vehicle. We factory install a variety of Hydro Tek skids and trailer accessories to meet your exact requirements. The ProTowWash is your mobile solution that hooks up quickly and promotes a professional image of your business.

Hydro Tek ProTowWash
Hydro Tek ProTowWash application

Customize with your choice of hot or cold water wash skid, water tank capacity, and washing accessory options.

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