About Hydro Tek

Hydro Tek: Small Details – Big Difference


Hydro Tek Innovation

From concept to production, our innovative team embraces efficient technology with constant improvement to give you the best value for your money.


Hydro Tek Support

Powerful local dealer support network to make certain you get the maximum benefit from your investment.


Hydro Tek Reputation

State of the art, ISO certified, U.S. facility and our flexible demand-pull cellular manufacturing gives us a competitive advantage to customers worldwide.


Hydro Tek Efficiency

Superb fit and finish is achieved by incorporating laser and other smart technology. Labor and scrap is thus reduced to produce stainless equipment at painted steel prices.


Hydro Tek Assurance

Hydro Tek’s Lifetime Warranty on our SpiraLastâ„¢ heating coil. The SpiraLastâ„¢ coil is made using a proprietary cold rolled process.


Hydro Tek Integrity

Our dedication to your safety and satisfaction ensures that every power washer reaches a level of performance and reliability that qualifies to be a Hydro Tek. (Safety certified to UL1776).

Hydro Tek HQ

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